Looking for a Freelance Web Developer to build your website?

Hi! I’m Jack Tamas, a Full-Stack Web Developer located in San Diego, CA. My purpose is to help you build your online business presence! Furthermore, have a website or an application no matter what type of website if it’s for a small business, service provider, individual, organization, or a company. Today people are always searching for businesses, companies, or services on the internet, why don’t you be one of their options?

My daily bases are working on many different areas of web development from back-end programming ( Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Express.js) to front-end engineering (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular), digital accessibility, user experience, and user interface; as well as Wordpress the most open-source CMS (Content Management System) used in the world with around 18 million installations.

My expertise isn't limited to technical skills; I have some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Analytics knowledge that can help rank your website to the top pages on search engines, and advertising on social media such as Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook. If you are a business owner or service provider, I am here to help you take your first steps towards your online presence. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question about any topic in the Web Development, feel free email me at jtamas@jacktamas.com.